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Advance Leak Detection is an established plumbing company in Brandon, MS that local residents and business owners have come to trust for a wide range of plumbing, trenchless and leak detection solutions. Our personnel possesses more than 40 years of hands-on experience that we draw on during the course of our work. We offer flexible appointment scheduling, 24/7 emergency services, and prompt project turnaround that you're sure to love.

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    Does Your Plumbing Need Professional Help?

    Whether your residence, school, or hospital requires any of these individual services or you're facing problems that will necessitate a combination approach, you can count on us for quality workmanship and professional results from these plumbing services:


    Old-fashioned pipe repair services generally require extensive excavation to access the damaged line, but this type of hassle will be a thing of the past when you turn to us for your pipe repair work. Our personnel is highly experienced at providing no-dig trenchless services that can restore even seriously compromised sewer lines to full function with no property damage and limited system downtime. We also provide quality cipp repair and replacement services.


    If sewer and drain line leaks are plaguing your home or business, our professional pipe relining services may be in order. While the installation of a new liner inside an existing pipe will slightly reduce the pipe's interior cross-section, this innovative process creates a smooth new surface that resists corrosion and tree root penetration and blocks water from entering and leaving through pipeline cracks. We are NuFlow certified installers, assuring you of long-lasting solutions.


    Our holistic approach to sewer and drain services includes conducting preliminary sewer camera inspections to assess problems in tough-to-reach areas. We depend on these detailed inspections to find damage that needs repair, locate obstructions that need to be cleared away and uncover maintenance issues that require our professional attention.


    Safe, effective hydro jetting is a great way to maintain sewer lines and locate hidden damage deep inside buried pipes. This modern technique employs pressurized water to scour away debris from inside sewers and drains. We utilize it for performing scheduled cleanings, tracking down leaks and diagnosing other common problems.


    Our leak detection services are aimed at quickly pinpointing the locations of cracks, weak spots and other areas that could be permitting treated water or sewage to escape from its containment system. We take a multi-faceted approach to every inspection that includes visual, audible, and camera-enabled strategies to discover leaks wherever they happen to occur.


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    You won't go wrong when you choose us as your provider of sewer and drain repairs, plumbing services, pipe restoration, and related tasks. Our licensed, bonded, and insured personnel places a high value on customer care, and we don't skimp on the details when furnishing our advanced professional know-how for the benefit of our customers.


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