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Finding a reputable plumbing company in Jackson, MS, won't be difficult if you start your search with a call to Advance Leak Detection. Our knowledgeable crew is backed by a wealth of collective experience that has prepared us to make short work of your property's plumbing and drain services. We also consistently utilize quality materials, professional-grade equipment, and proven techniques that help our work stand the test of time. From no-dig solutions such as UV curing and CIPP to the utilization of NuFlow products, our team is your best bet.

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    Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Experts in An Array of No-Dig Solutions

    The minimally invasive drain and plumbing services we furnish include the following types of residential and commercial projects:


    If the thought of dealing with a damaged sewer line has you envisioning demolished landscaping and destroyed pavement, it's time you discover trenchless services. These modern repair techniques are growing in popularity because they can be carried out quickly and require no exterior excavation. The repaired pipeline will also be as strong as or even stronger than a pipeline that has been restored by more traditional methods.


    Our wide-ranging trenchless services include drain and sewer relining to promote effective flow and prevent groundwater and root incursion. Pipelines of most ages, types, and materials are generally good candidates for relining. Rest assured that the repair methodology itself is safe, effective, and environmentally responsible.


    Sewer inspection technology has come a long way in recent years, and our personnel is armed with the latest in camera inspection equipment that allows us to perform this valuable service for our local clients. We're able to pinpoint leaks, weak spots, crushed sections, tree root damage, and a host of other sewer line issues with the help of our quality sewer line cameras.


    Dealing with pipeline blockages caused by grease, roots, food waste, and paper products will be no problem for our team because we're trained in the use of modern hydro jetting equipment. Pipe jetting breaks up and clears out undesirable materials using the power of pressurized water. This service also provides greater visibility of a pipe's interior and creates a smooth, clean surface for installing a new liner.


    A water pipe or sewer line leak can cause serious damage to structures and landscaping, but even the tiniest leaks won't escape the notice of our skilled personnel. We deploy a variety of leak detection strategies to track down leaks and provide our clients with relevant information about the condition of their water, sewer, and drain lines.


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    Our crew has already had the pleasure of serving many of your local friends and neighbors throughout the Jackson area. We offer free estimates and complimentary initial consultations to home and business owners alike. Our trenchless and leak detection company won't consider the job done until we've cleaned up our work area and have ensured the customer's complete satisfaction with our services. You can also rely on our team for 24/7 emergency services. We also provide top-quality trenchless pipe restorationcipp repair and replacement.


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    Give Advance Leak Detection a call today if you're ready to speak with an experienced plumber in Jackson, MS, about any sewer and drain issues that happen to be going on at your location. You may also schedule a free consultation by filling out the online form.