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If you're located anywhere in or around Ridgeland, you don't have far to look when you need professional drain and plumbing services. Advance Leak Detection is based right here in this area, and our dependable crew is standing by to handle even challenging plumbing services in Ridgeland, MS. As a bonus, our diagnostic and repair services require no digging, so you won't have to worry about destroyed landscaping and damaged pavement when you turn to us.

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    Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions Comes With Unmatched Industry Expertise

    Whether you have a home or business like a school or hospital, you can count on our established plumbing company in Ridgeland, MS, to tackle the following tasks with speed and efficiency:


    Trenchless repair technology is just one of the minimally intrusive services that our team is ready to deploy. Trenchless repairs are generally managed through an existing valve or connection point and leave no impact on the property's exterior areas. These types of no-dig repair services are also beneficial because they're generally long-lasting and permanent solutions to pipe leaks, cracking, and corrosion.


    If sewer leaks are an ongoing problem for you, our drain and sewer lining services may resolve the issue once and for all. Our expert team can install a new liner into your existing sewer line that will block sewage from leaking out and keep groundwater, tree roots, and soil from coming in. Relining may also slow the damage caused by pipeline corrosion and help protect the pipe from crushing due to heavy soil overburden and vehicular traffic.


    We almost always start a sewer cleaning or repair project by performing a thorough sewer camera inspection of the entire pipeline with a waterproof sewer line camera. These convenient devices are capable of traveling through problematic sewer lines of all configurations and sending back images of the exact conditions inside so that the right repairs can be made.


    Our hydro jetting services go hand-in-hand with many of our other services. We utilize this procedure for cleaning pipes prior to inspection and repair and also as a stand-alone service to eliminate drain blockages and sewer line back-ups. Hydro jetting is carried out with a pressurized nozzle that breaks up accumulated material inside the pipe and washes it away.


    Leak detection is another task at which our crew excels. Our proven techniques permit us to find leaks in even the most obscure and out-of-the-way locations and are applicable to water supply lines and sewer pipes alike. After finding the leak and diagnosing the problem, we can then recommend repair or replacement strategies to take care of the issues once and for all.


    So Many Reasons to Choose Our Team

    When you make a member of our crew your dedicated plumber in Ridgeland, MS, you can expect to receive quality work at competitive prices. We'll also offer you as many service options as possible and completely clean up after ourselves when the work is through. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians offer 24/7 emergency services, all while using modern tools and approaches such as NuFlow liners, UV curing, pipe restorationCIPP repair and replacement.


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